Friday, October 1, 2010

A Busy, Busy Time

Hey bloggies....I am sooooo neglecting this blog stuff. I was going strong, getting all excited about it, doing good, then wham---nothin. We have done lots of fun stuff, and in my mind had great blogs planned out, but then the night went by, then the next day, then two days, then it was just too late to blog about it...old news, on to more things I haven't found time to blog about...So, this blog is going to be a quick catch up. Then, hopefully I will be better about keeping up.....
 Art Show

Fun With Family
Great lessons learned on giving!
We give back....Apple picking for the local food bank

root veggi harvesting
want me?!?!?! I'm for sale ;)

started selling on e-bay

The kitty saga continues
bread making and selling

giving baskets of our goods as gifts

fruit leathers

harvesting, hulling and eating walnuts =) YUM!!

dye making
Homemade walnut hull dye

All of these things, plus more, were suppose to be separate blogs! I guess, there you go....If you want to know more about any of them just ask...otherwise, I will *try* to keep up...

Thanks for taking the time to visit me here on Dew Thyme Farm =)  Come back and visit again real soon, the kettle is on!

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