Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Latest Happenings Here on Our Farm

Wow, I can't believe it has been 11 days since my last post! I give tons of props to all the mom's who blog on a daily basis. I have great intentions to do so, but my gosh it is so hard. I just can't find the time.

Anyways, in those 11 days, a ton has been going on around here. A quick recap (at least as much as comes to my head. I'm sure there is somethings being left out but that's how it goes): a zoo trip, a birthday party, a chili cookoff, a trip to Youngstown to visit my grandmother, Lillian's well check, hen drama-the broody hen's eggs never hatched =( , library story time started, building a hotbox, applebutter festival, organized kids clothes for the upcoming season, being nominated as the artist of the month for my county (woo woo!!), finishing my scarf, not to mention all of the regular everyday chores and dramas =)  Life has been busy!!

Today I blog hoping to inspire someone out there to make a hotbox (cold frame) or at least think about it. Creating one and be a little more self sufficient and less reliant on the grocery store through the winter months is super easy and important for our health, wallets and the environment. Self sufficiency rocks!

I was planning to type out step by step what one is and how to make one but I think it would be more beneficial to you and me if I just add some links.   =)

if you want more info just google cold frames or hot beds OR message me! =)

I want to let you know that I am by no means a carpenter as my pictures show! But this project is so simple and doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. The plants are not going to care, they will just be grateful for the loving environment.

the window sashes I saved from when I got new windows 2 years ago

cutting the wood with my helper <3
built, now needs paint to weatherproof

loves that he helped build it! And not only learned about building but also about how decomposition works, about growing seasons and where food comes from when we don't grow it ourselves

digging our 2 foot hole to add the chicken poop to create heat

hole dug

chicken poop and straw mix

finished filling with soil, pounded down and put box on top

thought I was done

Then super nice people donated 125 year old bricks to put the box on so it doesn't rot from sitting on the dirt. Thanks Dan and Rita!!

planted onions and carrots, soon to plant lettuce and hopefully spinach.

I will not say that it is super easy work. The construction is a simple box, but it does take time and muscle power to dig out the hole. That was the hardest part. If you built a cold frame no digging required =)   Oh, and the box is red because it was the only outdoor paint I had =) I did not want to buy anything for this project. I used scrap wood, old hinges, old paint and our old windows. nothing was spent! =)

Have fun exploring new ideas with the hotbox/cold frame in mind! I hope you have fun and become a little more self sufficient in some way in your life.

Thanks for coming and visiting me here on the farm <3

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