Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Brood is Growing!

We have had broody hens in the past and have always taken her eggs because of the lack of a rooster. No rooster...no fertile eggs....no chicks...We now have a rooster and a broody hen. Woo woo!! We are going to let her sit on her eggs and hatch some chicks!! I am so excited to experience this and even more excited that the kids will! We have always gotten our chickens as peeps, but this will be unlike that because the mama hen will care for the chicks! What an awesome experience to go through! I love living on the farm!! =)

biting off a little more the you can chew little hen?

When I checked on her last night she did not have this many eggs! The other hens, who usually use this box as well, must have gotten in and laid there. I took the extras, she obviously cannot keep all these eggs warm, and marked the five I left for her so if this happens again I will know which are hers and which aren't!  Happy sitting little hen! I can't wait to meet your chickies!!

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