Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn Turns to Winter

It's that time of the year again, when I am reminded of how much I love living where I do. Yes, I love my home, my property, my neighbors, my town, but I'm referring to my location on a much grander scale. I am grateful to be found in an area of the world where I experience the cycle of the seasons. This cycle is so cleansing to my soul and rejuvenating to my spirit. The connection I feel within me to this great planet is amazing; especially in autumn. There is something fantastically honoring to me, about reaping all that He has given us through this land which we have so careful sewn and tended. Then preserving it for the cold winter months ahead, when food will not be able to be grown; what a gift! I am grateful for the sound knowledge that has been passed down to me regarding the preservation of the harvest and caring for my family in this manner.  And the design of this seasonal cycle is wondrous!

Autumn on the farm, is the busiest time of the year. We are ants, scurrying around striving to complete many chores before the chill of the winter is upon us. These chores, that can only be done in autumn, are the most time consuming of the year. Not only are they time consuming, but they are in addition to our daily and weekly chores. It is a crazy busy time, but one I would not trade for anything! I get the greatest satisfaction knowing that i have worked so hard to provide for my family from the gifts I have been given from the earth.

Once our work of this season is through, winter is upon us; a time of quiet and rest. How great is it that after the 'storm' of work in autumn, the calm of the winter proceeds. When I was younger (and didn't have the responsibilities of being a mother, wife and homemaker or more importantly a grasp of my relationship with my Lord) the winter was a time of near depression. A time when the world is dead and cold. I would feel trapped in my home and by January was going stir crazy. I did not grasp the awesomeness and deliberate design of these seasons. I could not submit to the calmness that was intended. Now in the winter though, because of my appreciation for autumn, the work that I put into that season and previous ones, and the knowledge of the cycle design in general, I can be truly grateful for this time of rest we call winter; even looking forward to it. When I start to feel cooped up or feel that seasonal sort of depression, I can remind myself of this magnificent design and be pleased. The stillness of the winter is a gift from the Maker for all of the hard work we have done throughout the year! How glorious is that! We should relish in this time of calm and peace, because before we know it spring and all of its work will be upon us.

I am so grateful for the fall and the work that comes with it, the winter and the calm that comes with it, the understanding that I have of this seasonal cycle, and for the fact that I reside somewhere that I can gain a full realm of wisdom and appreciation of the four seasons. I hope to have maybe enlightened you a bit to the importance of the seasons, not just for the planet, but for ourselves; our souls and spirits. So, in the depths of winter, when it feels that spring will never come, embrace the moment and give thanks, because this too shall pass and we will be on to the next busy phase. I will be giving thanks and living in that moment.

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